And to top it all

And to top it all

Fluorine: What have you done Thule?¡
Thule:Me? Nothing¡ Can you speak more quietly please? The children are here…
Fluo:Oh…Thalium,Chlorine… go back home i have to talk with your father.
Chloe:oooh, do we have a new brother?
Tha:Cool¡ Is he a boy?
This two little rabbits are Thalium and Chlorine, the older children of the Periodic’s
As we can see Chloe is very shy, nervertheless Thalium is so daredevil.
Fluo:Take the children to the living room, i’ll be there in a minute



Big Bang


Once i dreamt of an imaginary world…
A kaleidoscopic world where all its residents lived happily and in harmony.
The words war, pain or sadness weren’t know
There was only an authentic passion for science.
The world was a paradise on earth and all it’s residents belonged to the animal kingdom
There wasn’t any trace of the human race.
Would it be the reason why it was so special?
Hold on¡ Looks as if somedoby is knoking at the door¡